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Teenage Habits and Dental Care

Teenage Habits and Dental Care

Many modern teenagers indulge in habits which not only endanger their dental health, but can equally affect their general health at large.

The two of these which are most often observed in todays teenager are the wearing of mouth jewelry, and cigarette smoking.

Mouth jewelry can be dangerous, especially if pulled at or torn, perhaps as a joke, or otherwise, by another person, resulting in injury. Cigarette smoking is equally dangerous, it is an addictive habit which leads to long term health hazards, primarily associated with lung cancer.

Mouth Jewellry Dangers.

n Apart from the pain suffered by the initial piercing for the jewelry, there is a risk of the tongue becoming swollen and infected. Unclean piercing equipment may lead to other infections like Hepatitis.

n The chance of a closed airway due to tongue swelling, causing breathing difficulty.

n Can cause injury to the gum tissue or oral nerve tissues.

n The risk of choking on the jewelry, the hoop or metal stud.

n Poisoning from the metal used in the jewelry.

n Damage to natural teeth by cracking the tooth surface.

n Affecting oral health.

n Can lead to fracture of some teeth, resulting in damage to the tooth enamel and subsequent decay. The affected tooth may then require filling or extraction.

Most teenagers are very image conscious, and wish for just a nice set of straight white teeth. Why go and spoil your mouth image by using mouth jewelry!!??

Cigarette Smoking.

For any teenager who now smokes regularly, they run a high risk of contracting many serious health disorders both in middle age and later life Some of which include – -

n Lung Disease and the increased chance of Lung cancer.

n A brain Stroke.

n Serious Heart Disease.

n Obesity and Diabetes.

If a teen is now smoking one pack of cigarettes each day, the loss of at least 4 – 6 natural teeth will occur before the teen reaches the mid thirties. The tooth loss rate is usually about two teeth each decade directly as a result of cigarette smoke.

When the teen is considering the all important ‘mouth image’, then, he/she should consider the bad breath caused by cigarette smoking, along with the ‘decorative’? mouth jewelry, either of which, surely cannot enhance such a good image.!!

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