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Jobs in West Africa Made Simple With Online Recruitment

Jobs in West Africa Made Simple With Online Recruitment

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Better technology gives way for easier access to recruitment online. In fact most applications sent into companies are done online, without the possibility of physically handing in one’s resume. This new way of recruitment allows online searching for jobs abroad much simpler. In order to find online recruitment in West Africa, such as in Ghana and Nigeria, one will search for sites that offer job listings for abroad.

The best option is to go through the citizen’s government to understand what types of jobs are available in the said country. For certain types of jobs, such as teaching opportunities, the government will be able to help one in finding the online site to retrieve to send in an application. Once the application is accepted the said government’s consulate site will be able to aid in understanding what steps need to be taken to secure the employment.

This is not the only possibility in finding online recruitment in West Africa. There are many websites available with job postings listed for all those interested. Teaching is the highest sought after position, and most needed; however, one can find positions in areas such as sales, executive representative, software developers and more in Ghana. Also, sites for volunteer work are accessible in both Ghana and Nigeria. Of course there are several fields open for recruitment; but, for example, in Nigeria job postings exist for engineers, network logistics managers, and other types of managers as well as head of the network support office. The choices are almost endless and finding online recruitment is not difficult. The first step is deciding which interest to research. Once this is narrowed down to one or two areas then begin researching. If interested in volunteering the website www.transitionsabroad.com is an excellent spot to check out. To get listings of job openings in Ghana try www.jobsabroad.com/Ghana.but be aware that this is not the only site to research and that there are many more opportunities available. Take the time to really look around and find what will be most interesting or needed to further experience in a certain field.

After finding the perfect job, let’s say in Ghana, it may be a good idea to look into sites such as www.findinghana.com to realize what may be needed for creating a comfortable life while in Ghana. Sites for Nigeria are also set up to help in this area. To look into jobs offered all throughout Africa there is www.africaguide.com/work.htm that will give a wider variety of postings, if allowing for variety or variations.

Again, volunteer work can give experience in particular areas for future opportunities. In Nigeria there are works dealing with water aid, food security, business, etc and one can opt to go this route through organizations, backed by the government. One can choose to go directly through the government or more personably through the organizations. All the information can be found online and because of the intensity of these types of programs online recruitment is the absolute best way to become a volunteer, or to post resumes for job offers.

As said earlier, teaching English abroad will make the research seem effortless because there are always openings. Go directly to Ghana or Nigeria’s consulate site in the United States http://www.ghanaembassy.org/ , or one’s own country, and contact the embassy to find further information on how to get involved in their teaching English abroad program.

At about every website created for finding jobs in West Africa, including Ghana and Nigeria, one will always find jobs available for teaching English abroad. However, there are other possibilities to be found, such as those in fields of technology or business and even volunteering for water works. Online recruitment is becoming not only the number one in recruitment but the only way. Even for local jobs one cannot walk into the establishment, fill out an application and leave one’s resume. One must do a little researching online to find recruitment for jobs, as well as for jobs abroad in West Africa.

By: Louise G

About the Author:

Louise G Author, SEO and Management Consultant wrote this article about jobs in West Africa.
To find out more about jobs in West Africa visit www.wazobiajobs.com

Sharon Alexander asked:

Online employment and recruitment sites have a huge challenge, that is finding the candidates they need for the positions available without actually meeting any of the candidates face-to-face. Many of these agencies have a reputation to uphold with their clients who would be the employers.

They cannot expect corporations to continue to recruit through them if they send clients who are ill-prepared for working. These agencies need to weed through dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people to find the right match to their client’s needs. Many people tend to think of the Internet as a casual opportunity. We sit back and surf the net in our lounging clothes and it’s easy to carry that informality over into the real world but you need to remember how important presentation is not only to the employer but to the recruiting site as well.

Honesty is important when you are posting your experiences and abilities. Just because they can’t see you doesn’t mean you can get away with lying on your resume. It will come out as you go for interviews and your dishonesty will not only cost you possible employment but the recruiting agency won’t be willing to put their reputation on the line for you anymore.

You would be putting yourself at a huge advantage over other applicants if you make it a priority to show up on time for interviews and dress professionally. Just because it’s an Internet job agency doesn’t mean you can be as casual as if you were at home. By projecting the best possible appearance and mannerisms every time they send you on an interview, you’re not only making an impression on the potential employer but you are also presenting the online recruiting agency in a good light. They will be more inclined to work harder with you to find the perfect job.

Know what you want before you sign up with an online recruitment site. Be determined and resilient. They may have to send you out to many different places and some may not be a good fit for you. Remember that the recruiter is there to help you but only if you help yourself. Utilize strong sales skills every time you go out on an interview. Basically you have to sell yourself to the interviewer and you have to develop good confidence and sales presentation to show them that you are the one they want.

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