Weight Loss

Us Obesity Facts

Us Obesity Facts

Anorexia vs. Obesity.?

300, 000 people a year, in the us, die from obesity.
218 die from eating disorders.

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Just one small correction. A lot of obese people DO have eating disorders. Compulsive overeating/binging is classified as an eating disorder, so you might say that a lot of obese people are suffering from an eating disorder that is far more common than anorexia. Of course some of them just lead sedentary lives and eat poor quality food. Others have emotional problems and even physical problems (impaired dopamine receptors for example) that lead to massive over eating. It’s not unusual that it should be so, because survival wise, nature would prefer us to eat rather than not. It sometimes just goes haywire and messages get mixed up and people start harming themselves instead of helping themselves.

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